We run hands-on workshops that give students a chance to see a subject in-depth and try things out for themselves. Lasting anywhere between an hour and a whole day, workshops are great for a single class or STEM Club up to around 30 students.

Whilst full-day workshops give the most detailed look into science the one hour sessions can be easily fitted into your normal timetable to get the maximum number of classes involved.

DIY Astronomy
All Ages

Explore the universe yourself in this workshop that tells you everything you needed to know about the night sky – and helps you build the tools to study it!

Students learn about comets, stars, galaxies and the big bang, then build their own astronomical instruments to take home!

Weird Forces
All Ages

See the the unexpected and amazing affects of gravity and other strange forces in this workshop – and how scientists and engineers make use of them.

Students see why demonstrations of Netwon’s Laws show how strange they are (including the famous “tablecloth from under a dinner setting”) and make – and take home – a Gravity Bird, an impossibly-balancing toy.