On this page you will find the resources needed to run the Supernova star tour workshop. This workshop is designed to be run with 15-18 year old students before or after they watch the play “Supernova” by Lizzy Mansfield. The workshop brings up many of the physics concepts discussed in the play, but through the particular medium of astronomy.

There are two major aims of the workshop:

1.) To give students an opportunity to learn about and also discuss some of the biggest questions in physics. For example: What is time?; Where did the universe come from?; What happens when stars die?

2.) As a more practical aim, students should come away from the workshop with an ability to recognise at least a few constellations in the night sky, pick out features interesting to physics like Betelgeuse, a dying star, and also keep with them some of the printed constellation cards to increase the chance that they will try star gazing when the opportunity arises.

To run the workshop, either use the constellation cards provided or download the printable version below and then follow the instructions found in the Supernova Star Tour document. There is also an audio version of the workshop that was recorded for an audience during the tour that can be played to students.