Science of the Future
For All Ages

Science of the Future contains many demonstrations of science so strange you’ll find it hard to believe they’re real!

This show explores many aspects of how the world will look in the future – from lasers and spaceships to cyborgs and super-materials, you’ll see how science-fiction is becoming science-fact!

During the show, we’ll connect up a sound system using only people, use an invisible torch to see in the dark, control electromagnetic fields with our hands and you’ll see a live demonstration of an object disappearing while you watch.

We’ll also look at the future technologies like wireless power and cloaking devices that are actually being worked on by scientists and demonstrate the ideas in use!

Age Range

Suitable for 5-11 and 11-18 (the show is adjusted for different age ranges)

Running Time

45-60 minutes. Please allow one hour for set-up time and between 30-45 minutes for take-down.

Neil Monteiro
Originally trained as a physicist, Neil is known for his live shows exploring the power of scientific thinking and how it helps us find the difference between the real and the impossible.

Scott Marley
Scott studied astrophysics at The University of Manchester before joining the Bradford Robotic Telescope group, Scott has given talks to students across the world.
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