All Ages

The scale of the Universe is unimaginable; just to travel across our Galaxy would take many thousands of human lifetimes. Instead, let us bring the Universe to you! Beginning here on the Earth, we visit the planets and moons of our Solar System before venturing out to nebulae, black holes and beyond.

Beautiful visuals, exciting demonstrations and the oppurtunity for your pupils to ask a scientist all about space come together in the Science Theatre show, Astronomical!

As with all of our shows, Astronomical is packed with impressive demonstrations that can be explained in our optional CPD training.

Age Range

Can be adapted for any age group

Running Time

45-60 minutes. Please allow one hour for set-up time and between 30-45 minutes for take-down.

Scott Marley

Scott studied astrophysics at The University of Manchester before joining the Bradford Robotic Telescope group at Bradford University to run their outreach program.
His passion is science communication; he has visited more than 300 schools across the UK and given talks to students in India and China.

You can book any of our shows at your science fair or school. To make an enquiry get in touch.